Great news for the ABCD 30th Anniversary

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Next year (2019) is the 30th anniversary of the ABCD, and we’re delighted to announce that to mark this special occasion, our AGM and Team of the Year Presentations will be held in the Houses of Parliament.

The Cleaning Industry Parliamentary Supporter, Jim Fitzpatrick will host a luncheon for us in a House of Commons Dining Room on May 18th 2019, and will invite the Local Government Minister (whoever that will be at the time) to join us for this auspicious event. This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to the place where all the decisions affecting Council work are ultimately determined.

We’re currently exploring sponsorship opportunities so that we can make this as affordable as possible for our members to attend, and the room size restricts us to 50 places.

Please pencil the date in your diaries and we’ll keep you informed of when tickets become available.

Bolton Win Cleaning Team of the Year Award at Manchester Cleaning Show

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Bolton Council has been chosen has the ABCD Cleaning Team of the Year, emerging as winners from a very competitive field of runners.

The award, sponsored by ABCD and Denis Rawlins, is now in its second year, and the judges said Bolton showed ‘exceptional standards’ and were worthy winners.

The ceremony took place during the Manchester Cleaning Show and representatives from Bolton’s cleaning team were on hand to receive the award from sponsor James White.

There were awards also for Middlesbrough – Levick Court and Doncaster – Hill Top Primary

Bolton have merged catering and cleaning services to create a joint facilities service rather than risk losing cleaning, a non-statutory service. The outcome has seen processes used in catering  introduced into cleaning services, creating better communication and resources for the 240-direct staff that are often lone workers. Results are significant quality improvements in delivery, new contracts, more staff engagement, and a positive new culture.  The team were found to be very positive, keen to learn and extremely up beat.

The small team at Levick Court clean a residential home with residents that can be demanding and difficult. The facility is impeccably clean, and the team have amazing rapport with the residents, often seeming to be in the role of career as well as cleaning. This team go way beyond what would normally be expected.

Judges found there was a really great team at Hill Top Primary. The school looks very clean and the team are often praised for their flexibility and their ability to return a very clean school even under the most trying conditions, an example being last summer when the builders where in for most of the holiday period, yet the school opened up, after the summer holiday, looking fresh and in perfect cleanliness. As well as all staff being BICS certified, Hill Top was first Local Authority team to be ISSA CIMS accredited.

Elaine Bridge, from the senior management team at Bolton said: “Our cleaning team at Bolton Council are thrilled with this award and we are celebrating and sharing our success. It is especially valuable to recognise success and achievement during the challenges of austerity and when we need to transform and re-engineer traditional services. It is a combined effort which starts with our 250 direct cleaners who are the real heroes.”

James White, of award sponsors Denis Rawlins Ltd, said: “As, always this has been a humbling experience, I am always amazed by the people I meet and the stories they have to tell. Whilst there can only be one winner, all those recognised here are examples of the level of dedication and professionalism of ABCD members across the country. We should be proud of the work done by our member’s day in, day out, as they are, often unrecognized, the first line of defense for the health of our children.”

ABCD Ready for the Cleaning Show 2018

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Why We Will be at The Cleaning Show
Patricia Wherton, Executive General Secretary

Local Authority and supplier members of the ABCD will be at the Manchester Cleaning Show on April 11th and 12th and you can come and meet us on the British Cleaning Council stand.

We’re taking advantage of the show to present our Cleaning Team of the Year Award, sponsored for the second year by Denis Rawlins Ltd, one of our supplier members. We’ve had some excellent entries to the competition, which was won last year by Rochdale Council for their innovative ways of dealing with increased business at the splendid Victorian Town Hall in the town.

The Cleaning Show this year also gives us the opportunity to have our Annual General Meeting at lunch time on April 12th, and to combine it with a visit to the exhibition so that members can come along and meet their current suppliers, and possibly some new ones as well.
The ABCD was established in 1989 in direct response to the introduction of Compulsive Competitive Tendering. How many readers are old enough and have been around long enough to remember that?

For the first time, local authorities had competition from the private sector in bidding to provide the cleaning services within their Council boundaries, and for local authority managers, this was a new and untested challenge which brought them together in deciding how to deal with it. Hence the ABCD was born.

In the almost thirty years since then, many more challenges have faced local authority cleaning services, and more recently these have come from several years for austerity measures following the 2008 financial crisis when many Councils contracted their services out in cost saving exercises as a strategy to deal with the squeeze on public spending. Also, the introduction of Academy status for schools, which has resulted in many deciding to either contract out or employ their own cleaning staff, and not use the services of the Councils any more has had an impact.

And yet the ABCD goes on. There are still enough local councils who have retained the business of cleaning to ensure that peer support for managers and provided through the ABCD remains an important feature, and enough suppliers who recognise that this inroad to direct service providers is a valuable relationship to have. We’re very grateful for their contribution.
So come along and meet us on April 11th and 12th in Manchester on the British Cleaning Council Stand.

European Federation of Cleaning Industries Produces Video to Accompany ‘Best Value’ Guide

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The guide has been developed by the European Federation of Cleaning Industries (EFCI) and UNI Europa with the financial support of the European Commission and aims to assist buyers in their tendering process by highlighting the benefits of choosing quality services.

The guide aims to encourage contracting organisations to base their selection procedures on the economically most advantageous offer, rather than the lowest price tender.

It is easy to use, with sections independent of one another and the executive summaries at their beginning provide an overview of each one.

Watch Video Here

BCC Publishes Survey into UK Cleaning Industry

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The BCC has published a survey examining changes in the UK cleaning industry over a 6 year period up to 2014.

The study looks in detail at a number of key industry areas like; employment, wages, demographics, and company turn over.

The Council was asked to collect the UK data by the European Federation of Cleaning Industries, and the figures will be added to EFCI stats over the next few months to provide a Europe wide picture.

BCC Chairman, Simon Hollingbery, said: “ up until 2012, gathering statistics like this was usually done by the now defunct Asset Skills Sector Council, using Government funding. That’s no longer an option, so this survey shows that the BCC can step up to the plate when asked, and fulfill these important functions on behalf of the UK cleaning industry.”

The full report is 16 pages, and contains many statistical tables and detailed information across facilities services, cleaning and landscape services, and makes a comparison with economic performance in the UK as a whole.

For instance, the total UK turnover in 2014 was £3.6 trillion, and the ‘Services to Buildings and Landscape Activities’ sector turnover was £23bn or 0.64% of UK total. Further breakdown by industry reveals that 49% of the sector’s turnover was from the ‘Combined Facilities Support Activities’ industry, while ‘Cleaning Activities’ makes up just over a third of the sector turnover.

The report also highlights that the UK cleaning industry relies on migrant labour more heavily than over economic sectors, with 24% of workers having a non-UK nationality, compared to the average of 18% across other industries.

There’s also detailed information about the market leaders, with Interserve, OCS Group and MITIE being the three biggest players in the UK.

The full survey will be made available free of charge to all BCC members. ABCD members can view the survey from the members section of this website.