About the ABCD…

ABCD is the Association of Building Cleaning Direct (Service Providers) It is comprised mainly of local government cleaning managers, but also has a number of suppliers and trainers as members.

The Association, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2019, continues to give voice to the interests of Local Authority Building Cleaning Service Providers (formally DSO’s).

ABCD is a non political organisation.

The main purpose, when it formed in 1989, was to allow members to meet and network and to share ideas through the annual conference. The networking was in the form of sharing information on the CCT issues mainly on activities of private sector cleaning companies. The regional branches in the Midlands, South and South West /North West /North East and Scotland meet on a quarterly basis and have lively debates on topical issues affecting our industry. In addition to Corporate Members there are two types of Partner Members:

  1. Supplier Partners who are suppliers and manufacturers, some of whom have been staunch and loyal supporters of ABCD since day one.
  2. Training Partners who are training providers to our Corporate Members.

ABCD has close links with APSE (Association for Public Service Excellence), BICSc ( British Institute of Cleaning Science) and the Sector Skills Council, Asset Skills.

It is also represented as the public sector body for the industry on the British Cleaning Council (BCC).

Since its formation in 1989, members have recognised that sharing ideas and best practice, particularly in turbulent economic times, can make all the difference, and one thing that has not changed over that time is the willingness of members to help each other.

This cooperation between members is a priceless asset, and many life long friendships have been made through membership of ABCD.

New members are always welcomed, so if you fit the requirements, please contact us to find out more about joining.

Email: finance@abcdsp.org.uk