ABCD and Denis Rawlins – Cleaning Team of the Year Award 2019

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Thanks to the continuing support and sponsorship of Denis Rawlins Ltd, the Association of Direct Service Providers (ABCD) is able to announce the award of Cleaning Team of the Year (CTY) 2019

We want to see as many ABCD members as possible take part in the award, and the winners will be announced at our AGM on May 16th 2019 in the House of Commons where we will celebrate our 30th Anniversary with a luncheon hosted by Jim Fitzpatrick MP.

The award will recognise and promote team achievement and provide an invaluable opportunity for information to be shared with other Councils, recognising the hard work and dedication involved in delivering much needed and valuable services to communities.

The award is open to all Local Authority members of the ABCD

 How to Enter

Councils in membership of the ABCD as at April 2019 are eligible to submit an application for this award.  Each application needs to be based around a 1000 word response. Authorities may enter a maximum of two submission only.

Please follow the guidelines as stated;

  • A one page Executive Summary
  • Background to the service provided
  • Evidence of improvements achieved and challenges overcome
  • How the initiative links to your own wider Council objectives
  • Your targets for the future and the framework within which they operate

Also included in the 1000 word submission can be supplementary information such as a short biography of the team/employees involved (with digital/scanned photographs added to the body of the submission)

The submissions for Cleaning Team of the Year should show in all cases that the team as well as the points outlined above: –

  • Deliver the best service possible
  • Deliver in the spirit of continuous improvement
  • Work as a team with other services and partners

Generally, successful submissions will: –

  • Be clear, easy to read and well laid out
  • Focus on content (pictures etc. can be used but content is paramount)
  • Contain relevant, succinct appendices, e.g. from partners or customers
  • Include an Executive Summary

And most of all, don’t forget the basics.  The judges will be looking for clear evidence that your team meets the above criteria and examples of excellence and targets exceeded to select the winning entries. They will also take into account, any visible benchmarks of achievement such as independent auditor’s reports, achievement of IIP or ISO 9001 etc.  Finally, the winning team should be able to demonstrate evidence of excellence in continually working to challenge internal/external benchmarks.

Presentation of Awards

Presentation of all the Award categories will be made at the ABCD Annual General Meeting in the House of Commons on May 16th 2019 as part of our 30th Anniversary celebrations

Do you think that your team fits the bill?

If so, make your submission by February 15th 2019

Finalists will be visited during March 2019

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